Announcing Rsbuild v0.3

January 10, 2024

Rsbuild v0.3 version has upgraded Rspack to v0.5 and now supports Module Federation. In addition, it includes some incompatible API changes. Please refer to the current documentation for upgrading.

Rspack v0.5

Bump Rspack to v0.5.0, see: Rspack 0.5 Release Announcement

Notable changes:

TOML / YAML Plugin

The need to import TOML and YAML in JS is not common, so Rsbuild core will no longer support import TOML and YAML by default in v0.3.0.

The TOML and YAML plugin will become a independent plugin:

  • TOML:
// rsbuild.config.ts
import { pluginToml } from '@rsbuild/plugin-toml';

export default {
  plugins: [pluginToml()],
  • YAML:
// rsbuild.config.ts
import { pluginYaml } from '@rsbuild/plugin-yaml';

export default {
  plugins: [pluginYaml()],

JavaScript API

Some JavaScript APIs have changed:

  • The printURLs option of rsbuild.startDevServer is deprecated, use server.printUrls instead.
  • The logger option of rsbuild.startDevServer is deprecated, use logger.override() instead.

Node Target

  • Adjust default browserslist for node target, from node >= 14 to node >= 16.
  • The default value of output.distPath.server is changed from 'bundles' to 'server'